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    Murphy Mechanical Services is a privately owned corporation, specializing in vibration analysis and vibration monitoring programs for predictive maintenance purposes. Because of our focus on vibration in rotating equipment, we provide the following services:

    Laser Alignment Services:

    We offer on-site laser alignment services using a V180 Precision Laser Shaft Alignment System by Accushim. We also use a laser alignment pulley tool to accurately align belt-driven units.

    Dynamic Balancing On-Site Services:

    We perform on-site dynamic balancing with C.S.I.'s Fast Balance II software on a 2120 Analyzer. We can measure 1 to 8 points/planes at variable or fixed speeds on a unit that is center hung or overhung.

    Vibration Monitoring

    Vibration Monitoring - Predictive Maintenance Programs:

    We set up programs and collect vibration data on a C.S.I. 2120 Analyzer. We then transfer the data to a computer and analyze the readings using C.S.I.'s latest RBMware software. Jim is a certified vibration analyst.

    Some companies that we are monitoring equipment for include: Cargill Foods in Gainesville, Georgia and Mexico, General Mills in Covington, Georgia, Stepan Company in Winder, Georgia, Georgia Pacific Resins in Vienna, Georgia, and Rabun Apparel (Fruit of the Loom) in Rabun Gap, Georgia.

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    Murphy Mechanical Services, Inc.

    P.O. Box 1336
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    Voice: 770-867-3039
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    Toll Free: 800-835-6693

    Please contact us for more information, we look forward to hearing from you.


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